Issue #54


Why Boats are Feminine

I used to think coconut trees had holes in them
because that's just the way they are

but it turns out they're made by men with
knives in their shoes

when they were done
trimming our bushes

they'd give us the coconuts
and we knew how to shake them

hold then up like seashells
listening for the milk

and we'd drop them on the pavement
giant green geodes smacking

until they split
and leaked all over our toes

I never liked the milk
I just liked to watch them break

I used to think short shorts
came with the climate

and six-year-old shoulders couldn't be

turns out spaghetti straps are

we ate dark red cherries
on the dock

squished them in our little fingers
painted them on our prepubescent bodies

asked for the boats to see us

turns out when you're older
you can't just slip into the salt water

to wash it off
and surf spots always have apostrophe S's

because men are territorial
I've never really been scared but

I still borrow my friends taser
when I walk home

Seeing the Forest Through Rose-Colored Glasses

Beg, Borrow, Steal