Jeopardy Magazine is a student run publication showcasing the unique talents of Western Washington University.

Submissions for Issue #56 are Open

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The pages of the magize slightly open

A Brief History

Since its inception, Jeopardy has existed not simply as a place for stories, but as an outlet for writers and artists to express themselves. For years, Jeopardy accepted submissions from all over the country as the publication aimed to feature the best writing that it could find. However, in 2003 something changed. Rather than relying on professional writers to bolster its reputation, Jeopardy began to focus on the unique talent located at Western Washington University. With a fondness for its past and an eye on the future, Jeopardy used its influence to create a supportive literary and arts community in and around WWU. Ever since this change, the publication has aimed to give resonance to these local voices by publishing their very best writing and art. We at Jeopardy hope that this consistency sets our publication apart as a valuable set of voices in the literary community.