Issue #54


The “Mixed Girl” Remix

Here the
punk rock doppelgänger
lollipop eye sockets
septic septum piercing
saber-toothed smile
soothsayer stimulating
zephyrs zealously
crumble cake cocaine
crime lord of Ocean Shores

Here the
pantry pandering
mutilated turmeric
siphoned saffron riboflavin
radio radiation
mezzanine quarantine
Xeroxed xenophobia
roadkill windowsill
animated annihilation

Here the
isthmus Christmas tree
Tannenbaum atomic bomb
Capitalist terrace
detrimental transcendental
accidental forecast
arm cast face mask
hashtag barf bag

Here the
decapitated dilapidated
lilac attack
stratified genocide
ethnicity electricity
caffeinated felicity
electronic supersonic
moronic comments
“Is your dad in ISIS?”

Here the
poetry stuck between teeth
Great Barrier Reef
“Dune Coon” saloon
tomb of wounds
womb of tunes
cultural immersion
critical diversion
learning, emerging

Here this


Seeing the Forest Through Rose-Colored Glasses