Issue #54


Get the LED Out

Get the LED Out

Grandolph Biggs

MOM was a thousand

watt amplifier

like a pop of a tire

turning the volume up higher

and higher

fifteen-inch sub woofers

crippled she clanged

shook and the ceilings sang

to the beat of the drum

an inhibitor numb

the strum of the guitar

straight jacket insane

she was the electricity supplying

Jimmy Page’s rage on stage

like a sky she rocked it

blowing up like transistors

on a stormy night she rode the

lightening frightening

they were boozed up again

like a birthday party

no surprise

mom’s silver-blue bashed eyes

a father fuming in an alcohol disguise

her head risked and

and the unstopped fist

banged her face like nirvana

a little boy in a little blue shirt

screaming to “STOP”

a slippery slope I slopped

and slobbered tears

a crash test dummy

sickness engulfed my

tummy like gin and rummy

I fold and force him to stop

mom’s head bubbled backwards

like a dirty mop into the

head rest she

sat back and sopped

and my dad he was no

artist he painted a picture

with wet bruised brushes

bleeding beauty the hardest

mom was a duct tapped

punching bag

like icy branches

her shoulders sagged

her battered body was

walking along the ridge

of an impending avalanche

and she had no shelter

no place to stay without

being a slave pills proliferated

my stomach and her pleading

superseded my membrane

and I sat back and complained

about aches and pain

while she was drowning

in dew she smiled

like the smell of the sea

peddling away

she faded away

when I had left you

at the murky motel

like a Georgia summer rain

your smile walked a mile

when I returned

the door was red

like a smoke alarm

I grabbed my brother’s arm

splintered the chain and lock

you were

limp and lonesome

a dove dreary no more

heavy loads to carry

with your head in your lap

with your cold limbs

with your hard tongue to

speak no more it swelled

to no avail cold water

wasn’t enough I

punched concrete

columns like

leather tuff

like a hammer

hitting an anvil

the veil

came down

The Father, the Daughter & the (war) holy Spirit

Asemic Love Letter