Issue #54



Yellow (for nichole)

Valeria Pedraza

you are the spadix

of a calla lily. hammock happiness hum

lazy limbs sunday morning. &

caramelized crisp

of orejas with champurrado.

gush on crush on future possibility.

we spout chisme under dim lights &

little cranes metallic. amarillo spilling

on the bedsheets & from our smiles slow spreading


you are refrigerator magnets,

swirling into prose. & insecure reruns,

the honeyed warmth of slumber

parties after being stuck

in a snowstorm.

sunrise snug under fingernails, from orange

speckled with chili powder. & bad bunny on repeat:

estamos bien, 'tamos bien

te quiero regalar

a million valentine blankets. with corazóncito

softness. so you won’t ever have to crank the heat up.        & you always feel yellow.

Primarily, Colors