Our Lovely Staff

- 2019 -


Rosalie Lander

Rosalie Lander would like to consider herself a poet and fiction writer, and hopefully some would agree. She is a Senior at WWU and will be graduating spring 2019 with her degree in Creative Writing. Her work has been published in All the Sins Magazine, The Hungry Chimera, and will be published in The Raven Chronicles' Anthology Take a Stand: Art Against Hate, in the fall of 2019.When not in the Jeopardy office, she can be found reading genre fiction or wreaking dice-based havoc in Dungeons and Dragons.


Jensen Heike

Jensen is a memoirist and occasional fiction writer. She did write one poem once, which got published in the 54th edition of Jeopardy. She'll be graduating from Western in spring with majors in English Literature and Creative Writing. She enjoys concert-going, thrifting blazers, playing piano, walking her dog Bellamy, rewatching Frasier, and planning trips she can't afford. She's currently looking into MA programs abroad. If the writer/editor thing doesn't work out, she hopes to pursue the more assuredly successful profession of musician. Feel free to contact her if interested in forming a Queen/Muse/Radiohead cover band.


Linnea Boice

Linnea Boice is a storyteller and poet who has yet to produce a finished piece without at least one reference to Greek mythology. She is a sophomore majoring in Creative Writing with minors in Classical Studies and Linguistics. A long term goal of hers is to publish a YA fantasy novel with a queer protagonist. Her short term goals are adopting a cat and getting a line from Sappho tattooed on her ribs. She collects bottle caps, succulents and half-filled journals. Feel free to contact her to discuss poetry, plant care or future cat sitting opportunities.


Joe Shugart

Joe will graduate in the Fall with a double major in Creative Writing and Environmental Science. He will likely be staying in the PNW for the next couple years working with Common Threads and other outdoor education programs. He will often be found wandering the woods of Bellingham listening to the ravens and chickadees and is looking forward to more time to play D&D, draw, and read weird fiction.


Christopher Loth

Christopher Loth a student at Western Washington Universty graduating with a BFA in design and minor in art history. Outside of school he enjoyes jamming on the bass guitar, snowboarding up at baker, and grabbing beers with his friends.


Hanna Sperber

Hanna is a Graphic Designer specializing in branding and identity with an affinity for editorial design (shameless plug, check out the Spring and Summer 2018 and Winter 2019 issues of Klipsun). When she is not designing, Hanna is probably sleeping, getting/dreaming about tattoos, or drinking beer with 9% alcohol. She will graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design this spring.