I Want to Believe


Dee Dee Chapman

this is just like that x-files episode

you know,
        the one where Mulder has faith
        the one where Scully is skeptical?

You know, the one where he asks her to do the autopsy,
and she asks, "And what are you gonna do?"
and he exits on an intriguing one-liner?

It's kinda like the one where he almost finds his sister,
Or where he sees the phenomena,
chases the suspects, discovers clones
while Scully waits for toxicology results
from the lab back at headquarters
and reports to Skinner about the validity of the work.

It's clearly like the one where everything
blurry is brought into focus by clicking, "ENHANCE"
and you can finally identify the perpetrator.

It's like the one where they're
and the Cancer Man takes it away.

It's exactly like the one where they're partners
because of their differences,
because they debunk each other's theories
while they can't ignore the fact that
they're both sexy as hell.

Her reports remain inconclusive
and neither will ever have enough proof
to give up their investigation.

He says the truth is out there
and you tell me, "It'll be okay."

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