About Nudity


Matthew Leist

beneath the sheets
I slept naked as a child
often clothed with nothing but a smile
maybe some dirt the grass stains
on my knees outline itinerary I’d
seriously hold the world in my hands

dream-sticky my hands
confused I pissed the sheets
shame and wide-eyed
swear I’m not a child
growing up leaves stains
the birds and bees give a hesitant smile

awkward dance-with-me smile
why do my hands
think want irreverent stains
I know it’s something beneath the sheets
how do you make a child
I am hungry hound-eyed

I love her eyed
with pubescent passion my smile
we should make a child
we know everything our hands
held forever under shy sheets
parents find and shame the stains

I am not blind to the stains
warm feelings embodied eyed
we share sheets
secret fears the world is huge but smile
there is strength held in our hands
the love could spill into a child

I am still a child
the learned and lost stains
empty space between my hands
cold and teary-eyed
I smile
make a cocoon of sheets

I will sleep in wide-eyed
wonder once again a naked child’s smile
my hands entwined around the sheets
and you.

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