Submitting to a literary magazine can be a complex process

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Jeopardy looking for a particular aesthetic in their submissions?

No. Jeopardy is an open call magazine. As such, we do not operate with a theme in mind during the selection process.

2. When will I hear back about my submission?

We try our hardest to respond to submissions in a timely manner, but it could be up to six months before you hear from us. Thanks for your patience!

3. I received a personalized rejection. What does this mean?

A personalized rejection means you are on the right track. When our editors feel strongly about a piece that is not quite ready for publication, we like to offer suggestions and encouragement to aid the future of the piece.

4. I have made revisions to a piece I already submitted. Can I resubmit it?

Of course. You are welcome to resubmit a previously rejected piece after making revisions.

5. I am a volunteer content evaluator. Can I submit?

Yes. We will make certain you do not receive your own piece to evaluate, so this is no problem at all.

6. How do I work for Jeopardy?

The call for the Editor-in-Chief goes out in May and is followed by the call for associate editors. Feel free to check in with Faculty Advisor Kami Westhoff or current Editor-in-Chief Hannah Newman about future job opportunities.

7. How is my submission evaluated?

Your submission is first evaluated by a group of volunteer content evaluators. From there, the genre editor will evaluate your piece, taking the opinions of the content evaluators into consideration. Finally, the Editor-in-Chief will evaluate your piece. Decisions are then made by the entire staff, taking volunteer evaluations into consideration.

8. I just realized there was something wrong with my submission. What do I do?

Withdraw your piece from submittable, make the necessary changes, and resubmit.