The 2012 webzine by the WWU creative community.

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Returning to a Pretty How Town

when the boys went running out the wind turned with them and daylight closed like a book

By Jeff Klinicke

Elegy for Joseph Brodsky

We should, I suppose, be surprised. You were only fifty-five, your tongue hardly finished with Slavic wagging.

By George Drew

The Edges of Age

Her childhood,
is marked by

By Jennifer Rodin


I saw a guy drown in a 12-foot vat of honey
When I worked for the good people at
Honey-Nut Cheerios

By Tim Mechling

Body Language

By now, this is something I should have known.
I couldn't understand why you preferred

By Morgan Sandys

Nightlife Vilanelle

I wonder what she looks like underneath;
the red, the pulsing rock which lies below

By Arielle Yarwood

2012 Poetry Slam: Picture This

Notable performance from a WWU student.

By Ali Beemsterboer

The Desert, a Shelter for Eccentric

Your lips hide a missing tooth,
the way desert sand
buries forgotten bones.

By Ali Beemsterboer

College Girl Haiku

By Roxanne Ewing

A Paradelle for Young Marriage

What's holding dinner, do you know? What's holding dinner, do you know?

By Molly Gort


Good Old-Fashioned Duel

I'll step out from behind this wall if you'll stand up in that windowsill. Doesn't that sound fair?

By Garrett Highley


B wasn't supposed to be home.
She heard the noises
and found me

By Iris Craig

In The Desert

You walk at night now. During your first week in the desert, you mimicked the sun, rising when it did and trudging across the sand after it.

By Megan Pryor

Danse Macabre

Sitting across from his wife at the restaurant, there came, very abruptly, a most unsetting revelation.

By Eva Knowles


Kitchen: one sink; one garbage disposal; one-fourth bread loaf; two sheets aluminum foil; one pack instant coffee mix marked in Sharpie

By Patrick Renie

Aleister Darrow

To bring old-world charm and over a century of experience to a bustling population and instill terror in them

By Ted Blackford

Fine Art & Other

Girl Interrupted:Baby Birch


By Jenessa Sneva

Reflected Light on Metal Pipe


By Leu Saylah



By Kendra Aldrich

Ice Floe


By Jacob Zarnecki



By Joe Rudko

Deiter I & II


By Crista Dougherty

The Year 2150 & 2212


By Tyler Will

Aquatic Chess Set


By Shaylie Woodhouse

A Hint and the Incapacity (You Will Never Be a Leaf, Not Even a Dead One)


By Jake Reller



By Jack Kostylo